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:megaphone: NOTICE: Please EMAIL ME at zroing[at]gmail[dot]com if you have a question about your commission and need an immediate reply. I only check notes and comments on art sites (such as deviantART and FA) on Sundays and Mondays. Thanks! :thanks:

Hi hi guys! Okay, now that the drugs have all worn off let me tell you how it all went. But the long story made short is that, unlike my expectations, this was NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING like my other procedure that you guys knew about. You know, the one where they removed 3 wisdom teeth, one of them in a complicated position, and I had a dry socket afterwards. That surgery and its recovery were God-awful terrible, I went through unimaginable pain before and after. I actually expected this surgery to be worse (2 crown lengthenings plus 6 root canals) but it was not, at all!

Ok so here is what happened:

• Thursday night: Christopher took me to an early Valentine's Day dinner since we wouldn't be able to do it today (I couldn't eat fancy foods after the surgery. Only soft things.) He took me to an Argentinean restaurant, my favorite cuisine from my home country, where I had crispy sweetbreads with chimichurri and delicious provoleta. Afterwards we went to Publix where he let me buy some yummy chocolate mousse Jell-O type of desserts, yogurt, treats that I could have right after the surgery. When we got home I started to get very nervous but trying to keep myself busy. I washed the blanket I was bringing with me, chose my clothes (my favorite Disney sweater and My Little Pony pajama pants) and picked which plushie I was bringing with me for comfort. I chose Flounder.

Then I made myself some polenta for dinner so Christopher wouldn't need to worry about cooking for me, since I knew I might be a bit queasy from the anesthesia, and be extra picky. I spaced out the several meds I needed to take so they wouldn't make me sick to my stomach: my usual Depakote for the seizures, the antibiotic for my acute bronchitis that I was just diagnosed with, and at the very end (around 11:45pm) I took half a Valium pill. Then I got in bed with my fiance to watch The Land Before Time and hopefully fall asleep. After midnight I could have no more food or water.

I was very nervous and near tears, a half hour after taking the Valium I didn't feel any sleepiness though I was slightly calmer. So, following the dentist's orders, I took the other half. We watched the whole movie and Christopher made a HUGE effort to stay awake for my sake and did so very well. At one point he asked me why I wanted to watch The Land Before Time which I've seen so many times. I answered that it was a comforting movie for me, and did not realize until the next day that subconsciously it was probably because I was so afraid of dying as a result of the anesthesia coupled with my bronchitis that I wanted to watch my favorite movie one more time before I died. When I mentioned this to him he said he asked me because he suspected that was the reason. But I didn't realize it myself until later, haha... ^u^; Anyway it shows you that deep inside, my mood was truly grim that night. But finally I fell asleep.

• Friday: Waking up was no fun. It was like a death march for me, all the way as I got dressed, took my second Valium, grabbed Flounder and my blanket and went to the car. Thanks to the Valium I wasn't hyperventilating but my eyes were welling up with tears. I was very scared and said very little on the way.

Once we got there, everything happened very quickly. First they took me to a very small room. They wanted to do some impressions of my teeth and some x-rays. I held Flounder and sat quietly and tried to let them do their work but as it often happens, my tears started to flow. I wasn't sobbing or shaking, but simply had tears running down my face. Now my dentist had been REPEATEDLY warned that this would happen, yet he freaked out anyway. He said to get me in the operating room immediately and put me under ASAP. I do not remember this but he was yelling at everyone, lol. Apparently if I did start to freak out he couldn't operate at all. So he was fretting considerably. I remember his face reassuring me, and I remember meeting the anesthesiologist, a kindly looking older man, and feeling even more reassured by him. But I was sobbing a little by this point, regardless of how I felt. Christopher was clutching my hand and I was holding Flounder and crying and crying and everyone kept telling me to calm down. But one thing I want to tell the dentist is that my crying wasn't panicked. It was very resigned. I just couldn't help it.

I remember them putting the IV in and that stinging a little. And then I was waking up again and it had been almost 5 hours but you really don't notice. It's not like going to sleep. It's like closing and opening your eyes and only 1 second goes by.

Unlike my other dental surgery years ago, I didn't wake up sobbing. I felt very tired. I did not feel much pain at all. I don't remember when they sat me on the wheelchair but I remember being at the front desk area while sitting on it, barely able to speak, and telling Christopher please, please call Dr. Coletti 'cause I need to hug him before we leave, I can't leave without hugging him. This is especially funny because Dr. Coletti is an excellent dentist but he and I had a rocky start and I complained about his... let's just call them "blunt" ways a LOT in the past months. But I woke up feeling very loving toward him or something. As I kept asking this Christopher said the aide standing behind me was just cracking up (I don't remember.) I do remember Dr. Coletti eventually came so I could hug him because I wouldn't shut up about it. Lol.

Oh, a funny thing Christopher told me is that Dr. Coletti was apparently so unnerved by the stare of my Flounder plushie that he had him face the wall! That is so funny, that I know I will take him again next time. :D

Photo Feb 14, 4 38 54 PM by MarinaNeira

Another thing Dr. Coletti said is that indeed several of the teeth were in horrible shape, one of them was so bad, that when he was cleaning it, it smelled like someone farted in the room. D: That's crazy. All of this (the six root canals and the bad shape my teeth were in) are crazy when you consider I did not have bad breath and rarely had pain. But when you looked at the x-rays, even a normal person could see what a sad disaster my teeth were.

This was me when I woke up, totally high on pain meds and anesthetics:

Photo Feb 14, 4 36 30 PM by MarinaNeira

They took me to the car in the wheelchair (I do not remember this.) Most of the car ride I hid my face with the blanket. I couldn't "look" at anything, the sun, everything felt like too much stimuli. I just wanted my bed. I waited in the car while Christopher got my painkillers, Motrin and I believe Oxycodone, but I did not need to take the Oxycodone in the end. I'm saving it in case I need it for the other surgery, which might be a little more painful.

When we got home Christopher gave me my reward... ^___^ A "Puppy Surprise" toy. I already knew it was coming, but it made me very happy anyway!

Photo Feb 14, 4 30 43 PM by MarinaNeira

I know I called some people... My mom, my boss. My mom so she'd know I was okay and my boss because I knew he'd enjoy listening to my anesthesia-high rambles (he said he was much amused and recording the conversation.) I must have slept at some point. When I woke up Christopher gave me a plate of polenta with the polenta shaped into a heart. Then I had some of my Jell-O treats. Later my future mom-in-law and sis-in-law came with flowers for me, and they are spending the weekend with us, taking care of me, cooking me my favorite foods that I am able to eat. ^_^ That is one of the best parts of having had this surgery, because I hadn't seen them in a while.

This was me in bed right after we got home. I was feeling tired and high but fairly chipper because I was so relieved that it was all over!

Photo Feb 14, 4 25 26 PM by MarinaNeira

• Saturday: And that brings us to today. This morning I did have some pain, especially my throat where the tube was placed. I've been managing with 800mg Motrin. Christopher gave me flowers, chocolates and the sweetest card ever, and I gave everyone my Valentines, which I'd prepared before the surgery. And now I'm writing this as a break between working on commissions. Who would have thought I'd be back to it so soon! ^_____^

And don't get me wrong. I'm scared about the next surgery anyway. The scariest part is happening then (the laser on my gums.) But I can be brave for it now. And I thank you everyone for your sweet comments. It feels great to be on the mend.

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Here are the Valentines I prepared for my family the night before the surgery since I didn't know what shape I'd be in on Saturday (in the end I was able to hand them off myself):

Photo Feb 14, 4 42 01 PM by MarinaNeira

And these are the flowers, card and chocolate my fiance gave to me. The rose and littlest white flowers in the vase were actually from my future mom-and-sis-in-law as a post-surgery get well gift, while one of the Valentine cards was also from them, to my fiance and me. They really brighten my studio!

Photo Feb 14, 4 32 33 PM by MarinaNeira

Oh oh! and this was my gift to my fiance, who loves subrosians and the color green. He'd actually been asking me to draw this little scene with my own personal character for quite some time, and he loved it.

Happy Valentine's Day to my Fiance by MarinaNeira

I guess that is all I have to post, til the next surgery comes around. Hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones.


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Today I want to share with you the work of :iconpastel-hime: Pastel-Hime, whose art I really enjoy. I consider Pastel a treasured friend and encourage you to check out her page, as she is as sweet as she is talented, and getting better with every drawing she makes:

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